Hi! How are you doing?

I’m Jose, a Talent and Project Manager who adores being involved in a lot of different things. You may see me motivating a team in a project and 5 minutes later, finding new talent due to a new business strategical need, or even talking with a teammate to see if they are fine and how I could help them to improve their situation. Still, I’m constantly learning, as I like to gain knowledge, and share it too! I’m usually in a good mood, and I think I’m very good at spreading it, so… take advantage of it!

Last but not least, people usually say that I am that kind of person they want to have around.

What about my experience?

I am currently working happily on TheAgileMonkeys. I started four years ago as a Software Developer, and I’ve been a Manager for more than two years. I have been working as a Project Manager in different internal and external projects, and also I’ve been in charge of different departments and areas.

Before start working on TheAgileMonkeys. I took part in several entrepreneurship programs because I love getting into trouble constantly. Worry if you don’t see me doing thousands of things, because probably something is collapsing somewhere in cosmos… During that period I was in many different courses. Knowledge diversification, they call it!

Besides, after studying an MBA In Talent Management and a Master in Project Management, I started studying Psychology because I love to help people to be their very best version.

My philosophy

My philosophy is simple and straightforward, and I firmly believe in it. It evolves with me, and it’s not written in stone, but reading it, you will know a little more about my world.

I believe in responsibility and commitment and in seeking a balance between quality and efficiency. In this sense, I am very demanding but also aware that it is essential to manage time so that this requirement does not penalize possible opportunities.

I don’t have the absolute truth, nor do I want it; I believe in knowledge and human progress, and that small things well done make society much stronger.

I like flexible schedules since I maximize my productivity according to the time that I have the most energy. I am also a follower of remote work, which I think makes life more compatible with work.

I am a humanist and relativist, and that is why I consider it’s very important to have a happy team. Of course, being aware that everything is relative and that the situations of each individual are particular and must be analyzed individually to maximize their happiness and, collaterally, build the best possible team.

I believe in equality and firmly respect diversity; For me, there must be many ways of seeing the world and representing ourselves in it, and I think that we all progress and benefit when this happens, as we become smarter individually and collectively.

I advocate excellent, empathetic and transparent communication, being the fundamental bases of my personality. In this sense, I consider that going head-on brings more benefits than speaking from behind and that communicating in the short term solves problems that are difficult to solve in the long one.

I believe in people, in progress, in the positive contribution and in contributing my grain of sand every day so that together we can make future generations live even better than we could achieve.

Do you want to talk with me?

Just send me a message to hello@joseluismolina.com and I’ll get back to you. I will be more than happy to answer!